Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Training Alone

I stumbled across this article and it's completely true; true athletes (who are into competing) need to read this and let it set in to hit home.
To sum it up a bit, it explains the benefit of training alone when no one is there to push you. You utilize your inner strength and see just how mentally tuff you are. It's not just about training physically but mentally as well. A competition needs mental preparedness and is a total mental game during the WODs. 
Practice how you compete right?! 
I immediately related to this article because in fact do train alone, no partners, no box, no trainers. Since I can not afford to train at a CrossFit Box (very very saddening and irritating), I have to train at a globo gym. I am forced to put my head phones in and zone out completely to anything and everyone around me. I have me, myself, and I when I train; I am my own supporter, my own trainer, and my own worst enemy. 
I have been told by most of the trainers and pple at my globo gym that most guests are totally intimidated by me; Iabsolutely love that. I don't worry about anyone else or talk to anyone. It is me vs the weights and the WOD and my fears. I don't take notice of anyone around me and what they're doing, I just focus on what I'm doing and why I'm there.
I have more dedication and determination than most and those attributes are definitely my strong suit. I wasn't always this way-I trained my mind that way.
This is a good (short) read that I recommend.

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