Monday, January 27, 2014

Homemade Quest Bars

I have received a shipment from BioNeutra of VitaFiber. I wrote a post (here)completely about the product so refer to it for more info on what it is and where to get it!
I have made many many different flavors but here is the foundation.

"Quest Bars" Basic Recipe:
-2tbsp VitaFiber syrup
-1/4c protein powder
-1 tsp extract

Optional Add Ins=nuts, choc chips, stevia flavors, cinnamon, cookie pieces, dried fruit, cocoa powder, maple syrup etc.

.Heat the liquids for about 20 secs. Microwave works just fine-about 15-18 secs until it starts to bubble.

 .Add protein and any add ins. (Make sure to have premixed the protein and add-ins prior to dumping Ito the syrup)

.Using a spoon at first, start to mix.
.Wet hands, start to mush the dough together. It will be crumbly but work with it. You have to knead it to combine to thoroughly mix the liquid all into the protein. 

.Once it comes together in a ball, form into a bar.
.Wrap in parchment papers or press into a silicon mold and put in fridge to set. 

-VitaFiber is a prebiotic all natural sweetener syrup (google it if you want some or )

Cellucor's Cinnamon Swirl protein, butterscotch flavoring

Peppermint Mocha:
WFit Nutrition Chocolate Mocha protein, cocoa powder, peppermint extract, instant coffee

Fudge Brownie:
Cellucor's Chocolate Protein, cocoa powder, Enjoy Life Chocolate chips, vanilla extract

Cookies N Cream:
Cellucor's cookies and cream protein, vanilla extract

Cinnamon Bun:
Cellucor's Cinnamon Swirl protein, cinnamon, vanilla extract, chopped pecans, chopped date

I started with these flavors but I will be creating more!!!
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If you want to check out WFit protein go to

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