Saturday, March 8, 2014

14.2 Crossfit Open

Well I completed 14.2 Froday mornin and man glad it's over cause I not doing a redo that's for sure!
I made it to the 16s rounds, the 2nd round of C2B pullups (only 2 though).y score was 19something haha i don't remember!
Some were shocke I got that score and pushed myself that hard. The wt (65) is not that heavy (though it definitely soon begins to feel like 100lbs, 110, 120..haha and C2B, well I have the butterfly motion down pretty well so I just flew my body up there. 
I had a game plan before starting:
-Do ALL the overhead squats UNBROKEN! 
-Do the first RDS of 10 C2B both unbroken.
-After the 10s RDS, Do at least 7 C2B before getting off the bar on te remaining RDS (12s, 14s, 16s etc.).
-Complete the OHS speedy; pop those hips at the stand and get back down.

I didn't have any expectations or a goal of making a certain score or making it to a certain round. I just go in knowing I will give it all I have. I told myself no matter how bad it hurt or how much pain I was in during the OHS, I would not drop the bar! Completing them unbroken is a must to go quickly.
My forearms were on fire and my grip was barely hanging on. On the 16th rd, the C2B was being done in complete pain but I still did 7 to begin with then had to break them into 3 then 2 at a time.

It Is a must to tape up your hands! I made makeshift NaturalGrips with tape and they held together, enough. Sure they were all torn up and ripped and falling off by the 16th but I wasn't worried about bloody hands ory hands ripping. Why do you want your focus to be on your hands and not on the WOD? Wrap them up, wrap them all up if your worried.

Remember, you feel the pain to prove you are alive and guess what you can endure it a little more. 
Give it your all because pain is temporary and te satisfaction you'll feel after is amazing!


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