Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sweet Potato Chips

 Haven't been feeling well (stomach flu) and I only can eat bland stuff. 
I was craving chips but I don't eat just any ol bag of chips so I saw my bag of sweet pots and decided to make some
-preheat oven 400
-slice sweet potato
-spray sheet with coconut or olive oil 
-spread them out and spray again on top. 
-You could add seasoning...
I added cinnamon to my second batch
-Bake 22-25mins. Flipping at about the 15min mark.
You will want to check every now and then because not every slice will be the same if you use a knife so some cook/brown faster than the others.
If I saw some browning I just took it off and kept cooking the others.
You can leave them soft or keep cooking and make them crunchy
At this point these pictures here show still soft ones.

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