Friday, March 14, 2014


Done and done!
A couple tips:
-keep your form on deadlifts and break them up as soo as you feel your back start to give.
-use a belt if needed (I used one-safety first!)
-get gloves if your hands tend to rip or slip
-set up your plates in order of what will be changed/added
- remember when time is running out you always have one more rep in you
-it's not a sprint but not a marathon so rest when needed but it should only be about a 2-3sec rest
-test out your BJ prior: see how fast and how you feel with jumping up/down then test how fast and how you feel with stepping up/down.
You may see that jumping takes a lot of you. Stepping is allowed! And it'll save your energy and may speed you up.
-pop those hips at the top
-I jump up on the box with the box corner pointing at me. This makes for a bit shorter and easy distance for your feet to come up to the box. (A tip I learned at my first box). 
Test it out: see how it feels jumping up normally with the flat edge facing you then turn the box or step to the corner where the corner is pointing at you. 

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