Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Buckwheat (groats) Granola

Buckwheat Groats Granola:
-2 c buckwheat groats 
-4 tbsp flax seeds or meal
-2 tbsp chia seeds
-1/2c nuts (I used pecans)
-1/2c shredded or flakes coconut
-2 heaping spoonfuls of coconut oil (prob 1/3c)
-2 heaping spoonfuls of nut butter (prob 1/3-1/4c)
-1/3c honey 
1. You can soak your groats if you want but I didn't. So if you do, soak overnight and rinse and let dry. 
2. Mix dry.
3. Melt wet together.
4. Add wet to dry. Stir really well so all is covered. 
5. Pour in pan lined with foil. 
6. Bake 300F for 20 mins then take out to flip. Cook for another 15mins.

7. Take out and slide off pan so it doesn't continue to cook.
8. Let cool. This is where it'll harden and form the clusters. Don't rush this step!
*this is not a sweet granola so you can add stevia to the wet ingredients if need be.
*this can be doubled. 
*makes half freezer bag.
So I topped mine on my protein shake. 
It's a coffee, greens, choc protein smoothie. (I used Cellucor's Molten Chocolate Protein-discount code:PeaceLoveFit)
I of course had to try it with PB. 

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