Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rest Day? or Off Days?

So on FB, I follow or like tons on CrossFit pages and I stumbled across this story from the Rx.

Take it as you may; I'm not saying this is true or accurate, just giving you guys something to contemplate. 
*My Opinion*
While I do believe in having rest days or active rest days, I can totally relate to what she is saying. When I take full rest days where I simply lay around and don't do anything, at some point in the day after I've relaxed a bit, I feel like doing some form of exercise. If I don't and I take the full day off, I feel so lazy and tired and worn out. Sure the next day I come back ready to kick some arse but I'm 'tight.'
I have personally taken multiple days off in a row (Vegas trip on New Years), and man coming back was so freaking hard! My body was out of sync, my lifts were off, my energy wasn't up to par, and I just couldn't get going. 
A body does need rest especially after hard WODs, or CrossFit Comps, or fitness comps where it's being pushed to harsh limits. 
For me perhaps, if I were to be coming off a comp I would do a few active rest days like rowing or something simple. 

Any thoughts?

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