Monday, July 15, 2013

Chicken & Peanut Butter

OMG chicken and PB is beyond the best combo! 
I was dreaming of this above creation all night and could not wait to finish my fasted cardio to make it.
-Ezekiel toasted bread
- topped with plain chicken
-sprinkled with cinnamon 
-drizzled with PB
(Bottom pic is where I added my chia seed berry jelly to my second slice-yea I had two!)
For meal 3, I packed plain chicken breast mixed with plain brown rice and brought PB. I nuked my food and then added the PB and it melted into yummyness! Topped of course with cinnamon. 

Chicken for breakfast is goin to start happening more often! Haha I'll be prepping cinnamon chicken and spicy chicken lol

Please give this a try!

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