Monday, July 1, 2013

Recipes Galore!

So I just spent some time going through my iPhone photos and man, the majority are all recipes from my amazing FitFamily on Instagram! I am constantly taking snapshots of eats that I find interesting or good enough that I want to try.
Now I'll eventually make it through all 177 recipes...yeah eventually lol. Mind you I deleted ALOT and yet I'm still left with that many! Gotta love IG; seriously is motivation provider for anyone and everyone. 
Now I have been wondering how to actually get these recipes off my phone? Well then I figured I could go to Costco, plug in my phone, and get them all printed and then stick them into a photo album. Though since I used picstitch on all of them to compile the picture of the food and the recipe, I'm not sure if it would fit I a regular picture size print out.
Anyone have experience with that?
Thanks FitFam for all your yummy recipe ideas!

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