Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Eat To Gain Article

I stumbled across this article on FB. I find it interesting and mostly true. Some would disagree.
Take it as you may.
My Opinions: 
This claims that after a workout, your bod needs a fast digestible protein not a slow one-I agree. It says that a protein meal (aka meat) takes too long to digest so your muscles are not getting the proper nutrients right away so while you think you have fed them, they are still starving. The say a protein powder is key to have right away; your bod digests it right away supplying those starving muscles with amino acids. 
Lots would disagree and say that whole foods are just fine and you don't need to rely on powders. 
I see results either way and I do both. I know plenty of pple on IG that use supps as some that do whole foods; they both look fab and know their shiz. 

What do you do post workout?

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