Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Juicer!

Wow why haven't I went and bought a juicer sooner?!?
I have a local Juice Bar where I would quite often; for a 16oz juice (only 3 fruits/veggies-50c added for each additional) is it $6 but mine is usually more since my favorite combo is:
Spinach, apple, carrots, lemon, ginger

Well at Costco they had one for $80 so I did some quick research and read good reviews so boom bought it!
I now have at least one juice a day!
I made this beauty and had to hate because OMG it's heavenly!
1 small sweet potato
10-12 strawberries
3 celery stalks (I used the ones with the leaves)
1/2 green apple

Not only is it uber pretty but the taste is divine! 
It's a must try! If you don't have a juicer see if your local juice bar has these ingredients, if not being it in and they'll add it for you!

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