Thursday, February 6, 2014

Quest Bar yumminess!

I got my box of the new flavor of Quest bars, cookies and cream, a couple days before they were released! 
I had the guy at my local Vitamin Shoppe save me a box. He hide them for two days because I couldn't get in town before then.
OMG it's amazing! Like seriously like its cookies and cream not like imitation cookies and cream! There are chunks not pieces of Oreo type cookies. Chunks!
I ripped one open as I was leaving the store! I ate this right out frot of the store lol and moaned as I took the first bite. No grittiness, no fake flavor, just like eating a freaking real cookie.
I even grabbed the last box of cookie dough!
I don't know which flavor I like more!
My baked cookie dough well I broiled
Basically like fresh baked cookies. 
How could anyone ever need to cheat or splurge when these taste exactly like real butter filled cookies?!
Honestly I wouldn't need to indulge in cookies when I know I have these.


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