Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Clean Drinks!

So this morning I busted out shoulders and followed it with 3mins of HIIT; I ran 8.0 for 40 secs with squats for remaining 20secs and repeated for 10mins, 9.0 for 30secs with hanging ab tucks for remaining 30secs and repeated for 10mins, 9.8-10.0 for 30secs with calf raises for raining 30secs and repeat for 10mins, walk at 3.5 for mins. Stretched out afterwards.
So again this guy and I were eyeing each other the whole time. Was was on the treadmill when he left and he totally stopped at the door, eyes me and left. Dang I shoulda for off and ran after him lol. But wait shouldn't he be the one to approach me..??? Hmmm..,
So when I got home I made a shake
ChocBanPBProtein Shake:
1 scoop Sunwarrior choc protein
1/2 tap cocoa powder
1 scoop BCAA
2 tbsp peanut flour
1/2 frozen banana
Green tea leafs
Green tea
1. Blend.
I poured mine in a frozen glass and chugged!

So I was hot and wanted something totally refreshing and created this,
Watermelon Coconut Slushy:
Watermelon pieces
Watermelon juice (at bottom of bowl)
Coconut water
Coconut extract
1. Blend.
I eyeballed everything and it was a thirst quencher!


  1. Love the tank! Eat Clean Train Dirty. Where'd you find that?

    1. ive seen it on shirts before and i was just going to buy one but it was like 30 bucks not including shipping so i just DIYed it!