Saturday, July 21, 2012

No more vaca's, only hard work and clean eats

Since I'm have went on all my vacations for the summer (I think lol), I'm ready to kick my bods but! I have my goals and I know the are reachable but can only be accomplished by pushing myself, putting in time and work, and eating clean.
So my eats are back to simple and clean. I'm trying to have less and less of protein powder and trying to have real protein based foods instead.
Lots of egg whites, turkey wraps, Greek yogurt ice cream, tuna and chicken. Of course veggies, veggies, veggies with some fruit.
I'm sticking to high carb days on leg days and lower on ab and arm days. I'm keeping my healthy fats to 2tbsp s a day and none after working out because it slows the protein digestion which you do not want because you want the protein to get to your muscles as fast as possible so they can build grow and recover.


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