Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Review #2 of Raw Revolution & eats

So since I had to put a 8 hour workday in I grabbed a raw bar-cashew flavor. So I opened it and I didn't know if it was really hot outside or what but the outside of the bar seemed really oily; it could have just been cause there are so many nuts in the bar...idk. It was tasty and chewy. The ingre were cashews, sunflower seeds, dates, agave, flaxseed-all organic. These are really simple and I could almost recreated these and make them at home.
The benefit of working in a restaurant is having access to the food..well for me the goods like the fruit! This morning I packed cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, flax and raw oats then at work I cut up fresh strawberries and blueberries. It was delicious and refreshing for this 106 degree weather.
I've been on an omelet kick; I missed my egg whites apparently.

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