Saturday, July 14, 2012

What's a cheat meal?

A ONCE A WEEK MEAL!-NOT a everyday cheat! You have to have a balance with clean eating and 'non clean' eats. You've all heard to not resist temptation but you have to and you have to have strong will power because you can indulge in your temptations everyday.
Honestly, a while ago I cut cheat meals out all together and my body just stopped craving them. I know you're probably like what?! But really now if there is a slice of chocolate cake or a bowl of fruit in front of me that I had to choose, I would grab the fruit hands down.
Since I'm not competing in WBFF or figure comps, I don't have to cut ''non clean' eats out of my life (though it is a a dream of mine to compete)!
Last night I had my once a year indulgence at my local fair-a milk barn classic, real homemade chocolate shake. It's been a tradition for as long as I can remember and it's as yummy as always. That was my cheat meal of the week. I had it early enough I the evening that I used that energy I consumed to keep my body going the rest of the night and give my muscles something to eat or grow. My metabolism is so high, my body converts my calories into energy. That is the correct way to think about the calories you are consuming-energy to keep my body powering through and building muscle.
You will not gain weight or immediately add a roll if you are just having one cheat meal a day. Your body just sees it as normal calories but in a higher degree. When I have a cheat I usually walk it off or do an active rest such as shopping! ;) Use those extra cal and put them to good use.
I drank my shake while rockin out to music and meandering around the fair.
I want to show you the morning after abs:...see nothing

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