Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yogi Tea Review

So since I've been gone a while, it's taken me a while to get this review. Right when I got back I test all of these bad boys. I love that on each box they include a yoga pose to either help calm, stimulate blood flow, provide balance and even promote energy. The ingredients are all natural and most are organic. Each box contains 16 individually packed tea bags. On each bag they have affirmations printed on the tag and many of them make you smile and think "yes!" (ex: 'Every Promise is a Present in Advance.')
Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life- they use the combination of green tea and fruit extracts to support stamina. They say to drink a cup a day to give you energy to keep up your active lifestyle. The fragrance and flavor of blueberry is amazing; it is subtle and does not have the fake flavor of fruit.
Skin Detox-Rose and hibiscus is used to soothe skin and bring a floral scent, green tea rejuvenates, burdock and yellow dock and red clover promote cleansing of the liver. The combo is to cleanse your insides which reduces impurities. The smell and flavor is fruity with hints of rose, pomegranate and orange.
Bedtime-uses chamomile to promote relaxation, calmness, and sleep. St.johns Wart improved mood, passion flapper reduces anxiety and valerian helps calm nervousness. This tea a little spicy with the cinnamon, licorice, and cardamom yet it has a sweetness to it.
Detox-burdock and dandelion support the liver, juniper berry promotes kidney function, ginger&black pepper&long pepper combo supports blood flow. These together help the body cleanse itself by aiding the liver and kidneys. This tea flavor is indeed a spicy one which I would recommend having eru in the morning before food or in the evening at bedtime since there is no caffeine.
Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy-green tea and black tea invigorate the body, amino acid L-Theanine promotes mental focus, Gota kola leaf and ashwagandha balance, vanilla bean sweetens up the flavor and the fragrance makes you want to stick your nose in your cup. These together focus the mind and energize the body. I've had it plain but also added a little bit of almond milk & vanilla NuNaturals liquid stevia & sprinkle of cinnamon and it was so yummy. (if you had a frothier you could froth your milk and make a latte with it).
Green Tea Kombucha-green tea and Kombucha supports immune system and supplies antioxidants, spearmint helps with digestion, lemongrass and plum gives this tea a minty yet fruity flavor. I can really smell and taste the spearmint which I love and usually drink with my meals.
My favorite:?:?:Green Tea Blueberry - I can have it hot but also have it iced which is totally refreshing considering its summer!
I seriously keep at least two with me at all times because you never know when you need a little Yogi.
Thank You so much Yogi Tea for these and I look forward to trying lots more of your flavors!


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