Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh 'Boy' Today

Today's recap basically:
Woke up this morning to dehydrated abs. Made my overnight oats into a smoothie (oats, yogurt, chia seeds, 1/2frozen banana, frozen berries, green tea, peanut flour).
Was at the gym at 745 for back & biceps and followed that with 30mins hill HIIT. Let's just say I was soaked with sweat! (too bad the hot guy was not there today, I was lookin forward to seein sad do I sound? Lol)
I packed my ChocBanPBProtein Shake and drank it down before hittin up Trader Joes where I piked up some more almond milk and Greek yogurt. After, I went to Forever21 to get alone new gym shorts; got both for only $13 bucks! While checking out my new shorts in the dressing room I saw my gastrocnemius' (my calf muscles)! I was pretty amped to see the definition.
I got home to ArtisanaLarabar boxes on my porch so I knew I had to incorporate them into my lunch; Greek yogurt with granola, walnut butter, and a heated up peanut butter cookieLarabar. Delicious!
I busted out some more back exercises and road the stationary bike for a bit. I had my Watermelon Coconut Slushy with veggies & hummus.
I was on a role with my motivational tanks; I had so many letters left, I was busting out quotes left and right. So tomorrow I need to pick up 5 more tips so I can iron my letters on. So stay tuned for what will be on them...


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