Thursday, July 19, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

So my trip to Vegas was a Bachelor party so I was with a bunch of guys for 3 nights and 4 days and let me tell you it was an experience. You don't know men until you ray with a group of men in Vegas. We had the penthouse suite in Vegas an the view was incredible!
It was really simple to maintain healthy eating and working on my fitness. I had salmon for two dinners and chicken tacos another. For breakfasts I went to the yogurt and fruit bar and the egg station at the buffet, and Greek yogurt parfaits the other days.
What saved me was baking protein bra because I had them pre gym and pre. runs. They were a lifesaver along withy nuts.
So the first day I had time to workout at home before my flight so that saved me. Since I didn't sleep that night cause come on its Vegas...I hit Mandalay bays gym where I did 30mins HIIT and 30mins of this elliptical stairmaster thing at 5am! Yup no sleep and right to the gym. Then we made our way down to their man made beach where they have waves so there was another workout. Next day I save my workout till the end of the night at 8pm where I ran the whole strip! 8miles, stairs and all, weaving through all those pple! Best experience ever, no joke make it a bucket list! You seriously get more pple string and checking you out than ever but also pple were very encouraging and yelling me on and pple would step off to the side to let me go by. It was pretty hot, I was dripping! It took me an hour exactly to finish.
I got some new Nikes as well which I used to run the strip and I can say I was sprinting and jumping and hopping and weaving and these babies were so comfy! I love them!
I'm leaving guilt free and satisfied with myself-I didn't use excuses even in Vegas!

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