Sunday, September 29, 2013

Carrot Cake in a bowl

Yummm I've been having a different version if this every Sunday because it's so good! 
I had some leftover steamed carrots so I wanted to add them into my smoothie.
Carrot Cake Smoothie:
1 c ice
1 banana 
1/2c liquid (I did half water half coconut milk)
1 scoop vanilla protein (I used cellucor)
10 cold steamed mini carrots 
Dashes of pumpkin spice & cinnamon 
*add all to blender

As you can see I LOVE cinnamon!
*blend up until really smooth!
So to finish my bowl, I pour some type up puffed cereal (this is puffed wheat), and I added a handful of my paleo crunch too.

*pour smoothie right over

Optional is topped with syrup or more cinnamon or whatever!

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