Sunday, September 29, 2013

CrossFit-Beauty in Stregnth

I watch this video, literally, about once a week. Why? Because honestly I can picture myself in the video and speaking the words these women are speaking. I believe CrossFit has changed my not only my physique but my mindset of how I should or want to look.
I look up to these CrossFit athletes : Rita, Andrea, and Jackie. I follow them on IG/blogs etc. and am constantly picking up tips and advice to help make myself become a better CrossFit athlete. These women participate in competitions, smash PR's, and are pretty much more BA than lots of men. They push me even through the photographs and the messages they write on their IG posts. Obviously it is a goal of mine to meet these women in person but until then their social media will have to suffice. I strive to become a CrossFit athlete that, hopefully one day, someone would say "I look up to Carah" or "Carah inspires me."
It would be a dream of mine for me to do some kind of video like this with others CrossFit athletes in hopes to spread the love of CrossFit out to the community.

Here is the video:
Beauty in Strength

(This video is from CrossFit YouTube )

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