Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Reebok! I have created a ReebokOne so support me by purchasing your reebok gear (shoes, assessories, apparel etc) through my page. Scroll down to the bottom of my bottom where it says "favorite gear" and there is a "shop now" or "buy now" next to the item. If what you want is not there, just let me know and ill add it and you can purchase it. By you purchasing and linking off my site, it shows up on their end that Im actively being an Ambassador for Reebok.
I love reebok, particularly Reebok Crossfit (that is the majority of my favorited items). I personally love the nanos-since I am a crossfitter, I jumped on those babies! I used to wear nike free runs but converted because these work so much better for me and my WODs. I designed a new pair of Nano 3.0s which I am currently waiting to recieve. Personalizing your shoes is possible and the possibilities are endless! It took me about a week to finally checkout my shoes because I couldnt decide if they were perfect! They take about 3-4 weeks for you to get them to come in. Im on about 3 weeks now.

These are the 3.0s which I personalized. They have different set colors where you can just purchase-women and men colors. I want all the, white/coral, black/red, black/purple

These are the 2.0 nanos which I also have. These came out before the 3.0s where they fixed and recreated them even more perfect. I wear these all the time. I really need them in every color!

These are the Oly Lifters which I am dying to have! They have a harder sole and are used mainly for oly lifts but can be worn during a WOD as well. New ones where just released along with new colors! like these for the ladies:

Again please help me out and simply order through my page

Write me, message me, email, IG, FB any or all-I will respond and get back to you!!!

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