Monday, September 9, 2013

First Time CrossFit Competitor: Garret Fisher

Man Beneath the Hair

This video goes into the thoughts and ideas of Garret Fisher. Who is he? He is a Crossfit athlete who made it to the Crossfit Games this year for the first time. He even kept up with the big boys like the infamous Rich Froning and Jason Kalipa.
Watching this video is so inspiring and I wish I could personally tell him that. It's amazinf how the power of Crossfit athletes influence me so. Garret came out of nowhere and has made such a huge impact in a matter of months. That is the beauty of the Crossfit Community, sharing and broadcasting athletes left and right. He made it to the (upper) top and his hard work should be noticed. I do notice it; I follow his IG and FB account. Want some inspiration, go follow him.
His 19 year old sister, Lauren Fisher, is equally amazing. She will be someone to watch for sure. I follow her on her IG as well. Here is a video of here doing a 72k snatch. Seriously she may be young but man she is on my list of inspirations! Check her out!

I keep tabs on the Crossfit Games Site because of what they post and put out their to the Crossfit community. I find inspiration with the big and small athletes and I want to thank the community for putting their athletes on blast!

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