Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week Recap

Another week of my new Crossfit program down and guess what??? My clothes don't really fit...easily.
These were the first pair of jeans I've tried on since last year. It was a struggle and a few wiggles to get in those babies! I had to walk a little waddle-y and couldn't bend over in fear of ripping them right down the middle of my bum! My dad even said to me "Carah are those a little tight for your new muscles?" Haha I loved it! 

Heavy cleans action! Need to focus on catching my cleans low and then drive up. I was told I used to catch high and then ride it down. If I catch high stay high. I've also learned that your clean should look like your snatch; you are coming up in a deadlift and powering through your hips. 

Recovery was a 'Tasty' KillCliff icy cold straight from my ice box (which I keep in my car and cart around everywhere!)

I have been researching and decidin which brand of Oly lifters to get. Obviously I would have gone with the infamous Adidas but due to be around $200+ I could not afford them. Then down to Reebok's, Nike's, and Adidas Powerlifters. Again cost came to mind, so I went with Adidas Powerlifters 2.0. They have great reviews and I knew since they were going to be my first pair of Oly lifters, I wouldn't be able to compare them to any other ones. They are good to start with and eventually I may down the road get the pricier ones. I was uber excited to get these which I got on Tues an then Wed was a recovery day so I couldn't touch a weight. I was bummed cause I wanted to test them out right away. So Thurs came and those babies were awesome! It's amazing how much better my feet are planted and better stability I have in my lifts. I've had them for a week and no complaints.

These were my post-WOD protein pancakes. I wanted to capture how tall the stack was but they started to fall as I was taking the picture! I pack these up in a container and have them ready for after my WOD.
Gym bag essentials: Oly lifters, PR wraps, cellucor BCAAs, KillCliff, weight belt, chalk, rogue knee wraps, knee sleeves, WOD journal, tape...hmm I think that's it but it keeps growing.
 Cracking open my ice cold KillCliff right after my WOD! Ahhhh
Straight flexing on the way to the gym 
"Holleyman" WOD:
30 rounds-
5 wall balls
1 power clean
I had to scale the clean because NCCFLab's weight for this WOD was 155 for women and I can't clean that...yet! I used a 15lb ball though and completed all the HSPU even if I did kip them.
This WOD seemed like it went on forever; it took me close to an hour to complete it so I got lots of conditioning in. 

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