Saturday, September 21, 2013

Week Recap

Handstand push-ups are becoming one of my favs...probably because they are getting easier! I do still do kipping HSPU but I can bust out a lot and even during a gruesome WOD, I can handle them! Doing handstand holds helps and seriously try those out and see how long you can hold; they are tuff and you will be sore after. 

I wet to Sports Chalet and I knew they had a Reebok CrossFit (tiny) rack and I hit it up to try some of the 'essentials' on. Since I am a ReebokONE member I get a discount so I did not buy them from here. I was simply trying them on for size so I know what to order. A quick snap in the dressing room was needed. 

Snatches for days!!! One of the WODs on this day was 20 power snatches, 800m run, 20 power snatches. Snatches are my weakness; I constantly study and read and watch videos of 'how to snatch' 'how to get better technique' etc etc. I literally watch Andrea Ager and Kendrick Faris and tons of others perform their snatches just to try and gain tips for myself and see how a awesome snatch technique is suppose to be. I have soent just about every night youtubing it up with anything and everything snatch related. I have gotten some amazing tips and ideas on what I need to do and add or fix.
My snatch peeps ally feels "off" and not flowing at all. I am sending videos to my coach so he can critique it.
I practice these everyday because I want to improve and I want to have my snatch feel right. 

I have this just about every night (I usually add spinach but I ran out) before bed. This is simply water, ice, cellucor protein powder, cinnamon, and xanthan gum. It comes out sooo thick as you can see I was able to turn my vitamix upside down and it didn't pour out! I had to use a spatula thing to get it all out!
I put it in the freeze for like 10m just to harden up while I prepared my (not pictured) PB dipped prunes which I add to the top of allll my bowls. 
Booty progress! Ask my the last time I used a leg press or leg machine!!!! I can't even tell you! Crossfit creates this booty!
Do you spy KillCliff on my bottle?!?
I won a KillCliff giveaway on IG and I finally got it! The package was some KillCliff's, those orange shades, and stickers. This is a Crossfitters recovery beverage that can be taken pre or post WOD. 15calories, 25 caffeine, 0 sugar, 3 carbs. It's a nice bubbly drink that I swear could have orange juice added to it to be a KillCliff-mimosa minus the alcohol. 
I have been videoing myself a lot more so I can see exactly wht I'm doing. It allows me to critique and nit-pick the goods and bass. Also my coach likes to see so he can help me out. My bruises show just how much I have been at it; my mom tells me "Carah that is so bad and ugly!" Ya I have bruises but I hope once my technique improves hopefully the odd bruises will not occur anymore.

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