Sunday, September 8, 2013

Saturday's WOD with a little inspiration

These med ball over the shoulder lifts were part of my first WOD.

-4 20lb turnkish get ups
-6 heavy touch n go rows
-10 each side med ball over the shoulder (50)
-6 heavy deadlifts
-10 med ball lying ab roll up into wall ball (14)

1,000m Row

- 10 BB curls
-4 heavy C & Js
-20 overhead walking lunges (50)
-6 heavy deadlift into row
-20 DU
-4 heavy front squats

500m Row
I follow all of my WODs with rolling out my legs, bum, back, arms....whole body because lets face it, in CrossFit, you use your whole entire body. And if you are going hard enough, you need to roll out your body.
My Friday's session was so brutal (due to having a really really bad day so lots of frustration was needed to be released), that my heavy weights on this WOD was a normal light weight for me. Thats why I failed to put my weights. Also, I believe one should pick a weight based on what they believe is right for them. Sure you may want to Rx it but lets face it, we want lots of things. You want to go for safety first.

A recent new friend of mine told me something that hit home for me and I want to share it because hopefully it helps someone else out wen they are in a rough spot.
"When you first started CrossFit everything was tough and you pushed really hard to where you are today, this situation is just like that, but just like CrossFit, it will get easier."

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