Sunday, September 29, 2013

Espresso Nut Butter

Happy International Coffee Day!
Celebrating with a coffee recipe:
 I also had bulletproof coffee this morning, coffee protein ice cream with some of this yummyness in it!
Espresso Nut Butter:
Here is just a video I made for fun!
-2c roasted nuts (I used walnuts)
-1/4c espresso or coffee beans ( I used Caffeine and Kilos PR Blend )
1. Roast in oven or do what I did, toast in a dry pan. Shake pan frequently so one side doesn't burn. Take off when fragrant.

2. Pour into a processor or vitamix or blender.

3. Blend nuts into powder.
4. Add espresso.

4. Process until smooth.
Make sure you scrap down sides about every 30secs to a minute. It'll take a while but be patient. 
This is strong! So if you just want a hint, do less espresso. If yours turns out too strong just throw in some more nuts until you find your good flavor of coffee. 
Optional: add in stevia for sweetness.

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