Friday, September 6, 2013
I found this website through FB and it quickly became one I read very often. Why? They give information in a way where it's quick and to the point. They tell it how it is (very much like my personality) and what they have to say is always facinating and I usually take something from every post. Their title "Eat To Perform" is just that-they target Crossfitters but also anyone who wants to have a better outcome of their physical performance.
Being an RN, I know what the body needs to function and how the different elements come together. I know what the body does with the "energy" or nutrients (food) and how/where they are digested in the body. This site puts these concepts into understandable reading and in a wham bam manner.
They do offer courses to purchase if you need help with your diet as well.

Here is the link to their post today:
PR Smashing Nutrition Summarized

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