Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Monday Monday...

So I had some fun, ok thats a lie, more like annoyed making this video. It took me forever to find an app, tried two different ones and didnt like them, makde the video 4 or 5 times, found a good app, made the video...and it still turned out weird when I uploaded it to IG. But oh well I'll figure it out eventually. Anyways here is a photo-video of me doing a clean (& jerk but you cant see the jerk part). I started put mat on the ground in front of me so if I have to drop the weight, I can.
For me setup is so important, I make sure my body is where it needs to be. Hand placement, foot placement, body alignment, neck/eye concentration...etc.
I drive through my heals, pull and shrug

Squat down beneath the bar and catch under it into the front rack position, (as you can see I exhaled out my breath)
Drive through the heals, push the knees out, keep back straight, and stand that baby up!
These are brutal but I love them. Im increasing my weight gradually as to not hurt myself or be macho. Jerks are harder for me because I seen to have issues with my shoulders and I dont have bumper plates so I cant just drop a heavy wt. So Im kinda stuck at a particular wt right now, one where I can handle setting it down....I could only imagine my capabilities if I had bumper plates...bummer dude!

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