Sunday, May 27, 2012

10 Days till backpacking trip

So i pulled out my backpack thats been stuffed under my bed for about 8 months and decided to try it on again and get together everything.
So i have my giant backpack where ill be carrying 5 tops, 5 bottoms, 7 panties, 4 socks, 2 bras, 1 set of pjs, makeup bag filled with necessities (toothpaste, qtips, deodorant, hair ties, sleep aid,shampoo etc), 2 pairs of shoes not including the ones ill be wearing (flips flops, converse, flats), sham wow towel, sleeping bag sleeve, backpacking sleeve (holds bp while traveling on plane). I have another little backpack to carry my kindle, money-the stuff ill need on the plane and ill be using this bag around Europe when not carting around my huge backpack.

I have all my clothes picked out and ready to be rolled up, my necessities are all together.
June 6th leave at 655am for JFK NY airport ->Dublin->Rome on June 7th at 11:15 am (huge time change)
June 7th-8th in Rome
            Plans--Trevi Fountain, spanish steps, coliseum, mouth of truth, vatican, st pauls cathedral, ponte st
                        angelo bridge, parthenon, constantine arch
Train Rome->Venice
June 9th in Venice
            Plans--st marco square, church, bridge of sighes, rialto bridge, bridge of three arches
Train Venice->Salzburg
June 9th-10th in Salzburg
            Plans--glockenspiel, sound of music tour, hohensalzburg, mozart geburtashaus
Train Slazburg->Munich
June 11th in Munich
June 12th in Fussien Village
            Plans--meuschwanstein castle
Train back to Munich, then train Munich->Prague
June 14th-16 in Prague
            Plans--castle, charles bridge, old town square, pwder fate, jewish quarter, river cruise, staromestke
                       namestri, klementium, evening walk on petrin, royal gardens, st vitus cathedral, mala stana
                       golden lane, sternburg palace
Plane Prague->Amsterdam
June 16th-20th in Amsterdam
           Plans--canal cruise tour, anne frank house, pancake house, Barney's, abraxas coffeshop resin
                      coffeshop, william holz museum, our lord attic museum, red light district, warmoeosstraat for
                      breakfast, van gosh museum, musuemplein, brewweiji beer tour
Plane Amsterdam->London
June 20th-23rd in London
          Plans--big ben, london eye, buckingham palace, changing of the guard, tower of london, kensington
                     gardens, westminister abbey, trafalgar square, les mis musical, peter pan statue, platform 9 3/4
Plane London->Paris
June 23rd-27th in Paris
         Plans--eiffel tower, louvre, notre dome cathedral, arc de triomphe, musee d'orsay, versailles, monte
                    mart, sacre coure
Plane Paris->Italy
June 27th-july 1st in Italy
Plane Italy->Dublin->NY
July 2nd-5th in NY
            Plans--ground zero,times square, empire state building, central park, brooklyn bridge, washington
                        square park, lion king musical, 4th fire works

so that is the plan, we have mostly hostel booked but are also staying at bed and breakfasts and hotels. each day is not specifically mapped out but we do have a place to stay every night already booked.

This has been a dream of mine for as long as i can remember and in 10 days ill be starting it with my mom and sister!!!
So i stuffed my bag with some stuff to test it out:



Anyone been to any of these places???
Have recommendations for us???

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