Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nail Creation

so i got bored on morning and did this:

Hard to see but they are splattered. Baby pink layer with black and red splatter.
How did i do it?
1. Paint first layer on. let dry or use my tip which works 100%
    TIP--dip nails in ICE cold water and leave for about 2-3 mins. Bam they be dry!
2. get a straw and your other colors. lay down a piece of paper.
3. scrap the end of the straw on the brush of one color so there is some paint on the inside of the straw.
4. blow thrrew the opposite end of the straw onto one of your nails.(if you dont have enough paint on there nothing with happen).
5. repeat with same color on the rest of nails.
6. dip in ice
7. repeat blowing with other color if wanting more color.
8. Ice water them and done
they come out really random but cool.

Next up is my fav!
Im goin to a Giants game tonight so these were created.
1. get both colors out and unscrew to have both ready.
2. work on one nail at a time
3. get a needle
4. paint your base color on, drop a little dot on the nail and use the needle to make swirls. move fast so its a fluid movement and not getting semi dry and not be smooth.
5. continue on the rest of the nails. dip in ice water

(this design looks really good with a pastel base and a brighter color to swirl)

Have any cool ideas for nails???

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