Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesdays "Things I Love"

So im trying to come up with certain things for my blog for different days so i just came up with "Things I Love Tuesdays." Random but hey im getting some ideas from Katie and how she does these sort of things.
Im thinking one eats, one outfit, one random
So here we go:
1. Eats: greek yogurt, fruit, honey mixed and frozen.
Honey yogurt berry pops made from Greek yogurt, raw honey and mixed berries :)
2. Oufit: Messy Bun + casual thrown together oufit
messy bun + casual outfit
3. Random: My favorite picture lately (thinking of adding it to my profile just cause its awesome!)
Live free
Anyone have ideas for certain day things i should do???


  1. After high school, what turned you to being so healthy and stuff? I love reading your blogs! lol

    1. Thanks Kristin!!!well honestly once i got a gym membership, it all went downhill from there. It started with the gym and eventually the health switch manifested because i wasnt exactly seeing all the results id hoped, i was working out and didnt really see the change i wanted. I started researching, reading trainers books, lots of blogs, saw a nutritionist and i fell in love with this lifestyle. People dont understand how i just dont eat sweets or certain foods but ive grown to love what i eat which is clean and natural. if i eat something im not used to, i get sick because i eat so clean normally. I dont crave sweets and if i happen to, i choose sugar free nonfat froyo or i make awesome concoctions with protein! so said a little more than you asked but if you have anymore questions im open to anything

  2. That's awesome! I wish it was like that for me..idk why it's so hard for me to stick to a plan, not only with eating but with working out as well! I just need that guidance otherwise I just fall off and stop doing what I set out to.. I love learning about this lifestyle but applying it to my own life is a whole other situation but I hope one day I can get to where you are at!

    1. ya its hard to get in the swing of things first and its hard when pple around you arent as healthy as you or what your trying to be. But my family and friends and coworkers all know how i am now so they just go with the flow and know i gym it up all the time and eat things they dont.
      Me starting Jamie Eason's Program really buckled me down to eat even cleaner (an example is i used to eat tortilla chips and cheese but cut those out, sorta). i dont eat packaged or processed foods at all. if you committ to her program, you can start adapting that lifestyle. She has a store list of what you can eat so its like a guideline of clean eating.
      Have you started that program?

  3. no i haven't started it yet. i was going to a month back, but then i was scheduled to have surgery this past week, so i wanted to wait until after that so that i wouldn't have to start all over. i want to use this summer to help me get on track and get used to this lifestyle.. i have a lot of goals i want to accomplish so i'm going to work on that! would you ever be willing to help me train or anything like that? :)

  4. of course i would. i love to help anyone that wants to live a lifestyle like this. so what are some of your goals?
    also i will be leaving in 11 days and will be gone till july5 so ill be MIA for a bit