Monday, May 14, 2012

Im a Winner and some new items

So last week I got a package in the mail that I've been waiting for for like weeks! A couple weeks ago i entered a giveaway from Laura's blog and a week late i find out i won! And what exactly was my amazing prize?:?:
NuNaturals all Liquid flavored Stevia!
I thought i was just getting the new flavors, Orange and Lemon, but i got Vanilla as well! They sent me a lot of info about their products and some recipes. Liquid Stevia is 0 calories, all natural, no artificial sweeteners or MSG or any other added crap. Want to try? Check them out!
So i haven't experimented too much with them yet. I use the Vanilla all the time in my Vanilla sleepy time tea, I've added it to my coffee, and in my cottage cheese. I have used both the lemon and orange in a few different teas. I was thinking about try the orange in my morning oats, maybe orange cocoa egg white oats???
So i also had other products on my mind especially one that i got from Kasey and that would be Peanut Flour! Hmm whats that? Well its the dry powder of peanuts after the oil is extracted. Peanuts are 25% protein and peanut flour is 50% because the fatty oil is removed and the healthy benefit level are enriched. You can add it to smoothies, yogurt, baked goods, protein pancakes, oatmeal etc, or make your own peanut butter by just adding enough water to make it into a paste (i spread my on WW toast or have with an apple as my meal 6). For 1 serving size (1/4 cup) it is 110 calories, 16 g protein, 2g sugar,8g carbs, 4g fiber. I got mine from iherb for $11.04 for 32oz.
Another product I've had on my mind is Wheat grass; i used to get wheat grass shots at Jamba Juice after the gym back in the day and ive always wanted to grow my own, Ive settled on Wheat grass Powder. I ordered Amazing Grass, Organic WGP for $12 (on sale at the time) for 8.5oz on iherb. I didn't want a big one since i wasn't sure how'd I'd like it. First time i tried it, i mixed it with straight water because the reviews said the taste was so good by itself. Idk what those people eat normally but it was gnarly nasty! I literally plugged my nose and chugged it because i was not going to waste it. The next time i tried it in a Chocolate Protein Berry Smoothie and it was much better and today i had it in a chocolate protein banana green tea leaves shake made with coconut chia tea and it was pretty tasty (i wanted a bunch of flavors to try and rid the WG flavor).
Since i order my Chocolate Sunwarrior Protein from iherb and then all this, they decided to send my a coupon code for myself and to share with my followers! So here is the $5 off iHerb coupon code YUZ158 for new customers. Enjoy and take advantage!
What do you get from iHerb???
Any recipes to try with Stevia???

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