Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Giants vs. DBacks Win! 3-1

so i was asked out to a Giants game and i was amped!!!
So i layed my sneakers to rest (obviously killed it in the gym earlier but they were away for the evening and early morning...)
Get ready for game
My sis said i looked like a mermaid with my hair like that.
Well we took bart and didnt pay so we hopped the gates every single time, oh yea we be rebels lol
Went to a Sushi Jap place to eat and man were we under dressed. We walk in jeans, hats, converse and everyone is in business suits and dress wear.
We are sat at the sushi bar and are given moist hot rags...we were like ok what do we do with this, apparently you dont need a sink to wash your hands they bring the cleanliness to you!
We ordered 2 roll- one was $23 and 4 pieces and the other was$18 for 8 tiny pieces. We ordered $20 hot Sake and OMG so good. I has a liquor flavor to it which is up my ally since i never drink but have always wanted to try it.
The bill ended up to be $80!!! dont worry the boy paid, not me but it was much appreciated.

so game time, Giants won 3-1 and i was jumpin for joy. i was really close and down low to i got to actually see my GMens faces!!!
That be Posey ready to run  home

Jeremy warming up in bullpen

oh Crawford

Game over and man was it intense post game-people were goin crazy cheerin and bein all rowdy it was fun
so we get on bart, get off bart at the wrong station and are stranded for abpout 30 min then finally catch the next one and get homne about 2 went to bed around 3 and guess what??? Got up at 6:00 AM! no sleep i think so, ill be diein at work. I still mananged to kill 1hr and 30 min cycling. i wanted to sweat out all my toxins

Fav baseball team and why????

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