Monday, May 14, 2012

Work outs and new combo

So on LivFit (last week in Phase 2) I've been trying to mix up my cardio sessions after my weights and not just do running which I'm normally drawn to. One time I got on the Ski machine and changed it up; I cranked up the incline to where my knees where comin way up high to my chest (its like doing high knees with weights!). So to add to that I learned a high knees drill on Insanity that I incorporated into this-have arms up in a punching stance and once a knee comes up cross the opposite arm to the outside of that knee and keep your core tight! This is an awesome combo workout of weights, cardio, and abs!
Totally random but I'm like the "Black" workout girl at my gym. I always wear all black from my headbands to my shoes! (There is a total hotty that matches me, he is fine and i check him out all the time!)

See Black Black Black. When i wear blue shirts i get asked if im a trainer because that what color our
trainers wear there.

On Mothers Day I wanted to get my workout done early, so I ate something a little light, changed, packed down my hydration pack and ran to my local park. I designed some new harder circuits which was awesome. I incorporated moves on the the bark so i packed some heavy duty gloves to wear which benefited all my bar moves. I rock climbed, chin ups, pull ups, hanging ab crunches, unside down hanging ab crunches, bear crawl, crab walk, inchworm, TRX moves using swings, squats, box/step jumps, running....loads more. I was there an hour, repacked my pack and ran about 2 miles home. I had a Wheat grass Berry Chocolate Protein Smoothie when i got home.
So my new combo!!! Made half at home and finished my bowl concoction at work. I added vanilla yogurt, chia seeds, flax meal, almond meal, raw oats,strawberries, chopped hard boiled egg whites, and chopped fresh spinach. So good and it has every nutrient/food group! (You cant even taste the eggs or spinach)
Anyone have any random concoctions they'd like to share???
Or anyone on LivFit that has any questions or comments???

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