Tuesday, May 22, 2012

LivFit Phase3

So moved on to Phase3 of LivFit and i LOVE it! So the first day was Quads and Calfs-i did it but spruced it up with crossfit moves instead of some of her moves. I added box jumps, burpees, squat with ball thrown to wall and a bunch more. Iwas drippin sweat like no other and was literally dry heaving about to puke! But you know what?!? It was an amazing feeling.
So the next day was arms and cardio. The arms was different because its higher reps so lowering my weight was a had to. So with the active rests and supersets on the menu, i again added crossfit moves like toe ups (hang like doing pull ups,keep legs straight and lift them to touch the bar your holding!-killer for abs and well whole bod). Cardio for P3 is HIIT sprints (30 sec on and 30sec off at speed 8). I increased my speed because i felt 8 was too slow and on my "off" 30secs i did 15 squats for the first 10 mins, ab crunches for the next 10 mins, and tri dips and body holds for the last 10 mins. Defiantly was drippin and i was getting so many stares-yes i like to experiment on treadmills. I did all these moves on the treadmill; i did not step off of it for about 38 mins. The last few mins i cranked the incline to the highest and worked my buttox!
See where my feet are, i did my squats like that.
The next day of LivFit was shoulders, which i did in the comfort of my own house. Instead of running sprints, i did sprints on my stationary bike but still doing 30sec on 30 off (while watching the new season of Keeping Up The Kardashians-my weakness!)
Tuesdays i stay at home since i dont have to work or go anywhere unlike every other day. So what did i do?
Made Almond Butter:

I burnt half of the almonds while roasting but i WAS NOT going to waste them so of course i used them anyway. It has a nurnt flavor but its interesting and different, not gross at all. I guess its a good change; ill be having my normal 2 tbsp of it with my 1 cup of nonfat plain greek yogurt for meal 4.

how is everyone enjoying LivFit????

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