Tuesday, May 1, 2012


So yesterday was a awesome day in the gym. I took a complete rest day on Saturday and an active rest day on Sunday (my accident) and i came back into the gym recharged! It was my leg day and i went up 15lbs on all my moves. I busted out my LivFit routine x2 and came back to the gym later to just do circuits and abs.
For dinner i made my family Tuna Cakes-which were bomb!
Tuna Cakes:
2 cans Albacore (or any tuna-rinsed and drained)
3 egg whites
1/2 oats
1/4 cup dried onion
garlic and pepper seasoning (or any)
Mix, Form, Grill!

So on with today! Went to the gym this morning, did LivFit shoulder day x2 followed by HIIT sprints (quickly saw 2 miles in 16mins on treadmill) then TRIED some ab moves. Man it was almost my first time crying in the gym. My ribs are so soar from my accident; i cant exactly crunch so i had to plank it out. But came home to my stationary bike and rode while posting this!
I have been saving almonds from my Dads trial mix bag for a little while to make almond butter so today it was finally made:
So i wiped off most of the salt from the almonds and threw them into my Ninga. (Also you have to use a tall blender and not the short one because the short one's blade just pushes it all to the sides and will never come together). I scrapped the sides down every so often and eventually after about 6min it was creamy. 100% whole almonds and NO oil!
I of course had to try it out so i topped it on my egg white, ricotta cheese, chia seed, flax meal, coconut flake mixture:

Voila! I didnt exactly have an empty jar sittin around so i stored in tupperware. I guess i was on an Almond kick cause i soaked almonds last night to make almond milk today. Blended my 1 cup soaked almonds with 2 cups fresh water. Whirled it for about 3mins, strained in cheesecloth, wrung out the extra juice, and popped in fridge. I also used the almond meal left in the cheesecloth and baked it till toasted and crunchy (perfect for yogurt or smoothies or oatmeal).
Anyone make their own Nut Butter or Almond Milk???


  1. I love making my own nut butter. I haven't treid my hand at milk yet... you make it sounds really easy though! I'll have to give it a shot soon .:)

  2. I have almonds soaking at home so I can make my own milk tonight!