Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No Makeup May

Since im out of school and its summer, ive taken on this whole "No Makeup May" thing. I love it; no worries for gym or scrubbing off at night!
So today i decided to not go to the gym since i work everyday till Sat and ill be goin to the gym beforehand. I packed down my hydration pack to run with and headed for my local playground. Once i got there, i basically came up with circuits using the bars, swings, stairs etc. I incorporated pull ups, inchworms, squats, hanging ab crunches, push ups, upsidedown push ups,bear crawl, double/single leg jumps up and down stairs and much more. I left my house at 820 in the morning and it was already hot so i eventually had to take off my shirt and get a tan while i drenched myself in sweat. I was there for about an hour; who knew "playing" on the playground could be so much fun and take the time away?
When i got home, i just felt like making some things in the kitchen like:
*More Almond Milk
*Chia Jam (inspired by Powercakes )
         1 1/2 cup strawberries
         1/4 cup chia seeds
               Microwave berries for 2mins, blend, add chia seeds, refridgerate overnight.

               Ill be having this jam tomorrow either on my egg white oats or protein pancakes....???
*Made juice with NO juicer!
        1 orange
        1/2 cup carrots
        ice and little bit of  water
               Blend, strain in cheesecloth, refridgerate. (i poured mine in a frosted glass)

it was yummy!

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