Saturday, September 1, 2012

6 pack meal bag arrival!

Yes I came home to a HUGE box and I knew it was my meal bag!
It's as awesome as I thought! Heavy duty, good zippers, strong containers with good seal, insulated throughout...etc.
I'll be using it for school and my clinical days. For clinical, I'm at the hospital from 6am-5pm and then I head straight for the gym- that means meals 2-5 have to come with me! I always pack meals 2-4 on school days since I get to the gym by 8 and class is from 1130-210 so this bag will be used basically everyday!
Maybe when I become a Nurse and work my 12 hour shifts, I'll need the 6 pack one instead of the 3 pack!
I'll let you know how it goes, how well my meals stay cold an blah blah. I wonder how many stares I'll get from my fellow students, instructors and nurses?!?
"Gotta eat lots with type of training to get muscle" is probably what I'll be telling them lol.

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