Sunday, September 9, 2012

Casein...every night

Indeed I have my Chocolate Peanut Butter Casein Protein every night whether I drink it or eat it.
What is it? Well it's a slow digesting protein so I takes your body a while to break down the amino acids. The benefit is that it's slow to release so your muscles are been fed all night or majority of the time you're sleeping. The time is approximately 7 hrs.
Your body is on a fast when you are sleeping and guess what? Your body needs energy while you sleep and if you don't get up every 2 hours to eat it won't have anything to feed off of so it resorts to what's readily available-your muscles.
I work damn hard to build muscle and I want to keep what I have. I has researched casein and read up on athlete, trainers, Olympians, body builders etc.
I have only tried Optimum Nutrition Casein but I'm looking into Elite Casein for my next container.
In the evening I'll make a pudding or a shake with it.
Basic pudding:
casein + fat free cottage cheese or nonfat Greek yogurt. (cottage cheese has natural casein in it so I only use 1/2 scoop when mixed with that).
Add ins: nuts, nut butter, cocoa powder, p2b, cinnamon, stevia, extracts, flax, chia seeds, etc.

Shake is pretty much the same just blended up with some water. (I usually brew night time tea and chill it and use that for my liquid base)
Casein protein gets really thick so it's a lot creamier than normal protein.

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