Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chest's not just for men

Yup chest day ad it's my least favorite but hey I do it and I still kill it. I had my buddy (not my man lol) to help me push through since he was workin the same body part.
I was seriously exhausted today at the hospital-I was in the cath lab & CVICU and on my feet all day. I need some compression socks! So when I got to the gym I was not in full swing even though I had like 3 cups of coffee at the hospital. It's true what the movies show-nurses live off coffee! Lol well most, I usually stick to only 1 cup in the a.m. but I was lagging so I consumed leaving me completely dehydrated at the gym.
So had some more encounters at the gym about competing but right now that's just not in the cards for me; I haven't worked in two weeks that's how busy I am with school and it's defiantly not over yet-not for a while. PRAY FOR ME :( !!! Haha really!
Well I have been cutting back on postworkout shakes and eating more real foods since they are all packed and ready so this is me consuming meal 5/dinner in my car. Chicken, egg whites and veggies.

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