Saturday, September 22, 2012

Progress is the Best

I'm meaning that emotionally and physically.
I'm taking one day at a time to heal and to grow-emotionally and physically.
So today was Back, HIIT, & abs. I love focusing on certain muscle groups on certain days because when you come back to that group, you can totally see if you are progressing. I can tell I am stronger when I work that group out. Like today, I increased my weights again! I work back once a week (but really I work so many muscle groups everyday) and I notice growth and strength when I work it. My body muscles get the proper rest and time to grow when I isolate my muscles into groups.
I wore my backless T for my back day and shot pre & post workout of my back. I have a back pic from a while back and I can totally see the progress and muscle growth! So excited! You should always take pictures so you can watch yourself change.
The pre workout is with shirt and the post is with no shirt. I consider this a tasteful shirtless and appropriate progress shot. So don't judge.

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