Friday, September 21, 2012

Workin on my Stems

No sleep at night, stress, school, work & personal issues makes for a (broken out face) motivation-craze-Carah. This semester of the nursing program is pretty gnarly (a very lite term) and I can feel it; if I can just get through Halloween, I'll be feelin a little more at ease with it all but until then HOLY COW!!! Just venting a bit ;)
Hammies & Bum today.
Front squats ss weighted jump rope, hip thrusts on ball & barbell deadlifts
Deadlifts ss clean jerks
Single leg squats ss barbell box step ups
Squats ss db walking lunges
Leg press (feet high) ss weighted hip thrusts
Lying leg curls ss abductor machine
Hamstring cable pull through ss toes to bar
Stretching<- I always forget to add this but it's a given in my book; no workout is over until my stretching is. So important to stretch-it releases lactic acid in your muscles and allows growth to occur. It also pulls the fibers to help with flexibility.
This whole workout took an hour and a half; I get a lot of questions about my length.

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