Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fed Ex is always welcome!

Last night I get a knock at like 8pm an it was Fed Ex! What? That late? Ya but I knew it was my new goodies so I was excited!
I originally ordered MGM Casein Protein from but I get a call saying their shipment is messed up and I'd have to choose something else which totally bummed me out but I decided to go with Elite Casein Cookies and Cream; I also ordered xtend intranet workout intense recovery mix. Well the guy on the phone told me he'd throw in some samples for the inconvenience.
I also got samples from Justin's Nut Butter which got me all excited-you know me and nut butter! :)
Yesterday was shoulder day which felt awesome but man last night I didn't sleep a wink so getting up for clinical at 450 was sooo hard; all in all today was horrible and I was exhausted and weak. I still went to the gym after with the help of aminos but that really didn't help. I busted out an hour of chest and bi's which was not my plan at all. I was suppose to HIIT instead of bi's but I just couldn't do it.
I was uber hungry all day and ate lots. For tonight's routine casein I had cottage cheese with my choc pb casein, cocoa nibs and Honey Peanit Butter pack from Justin's but I knew that wasn't enough so I ate a banana as well (yes shocking fruit at night)... after all that I was still hungry! So I got more cottage cheese and then open my new cookies and cream casein and had a whole other bowl.
My lack of sleep and long day made my body need more food and calories just to keep me upright and function and then get me to the gym and then wrote a paper. Ahhhhh!!! Wanted to scream today!
Tomorrow will be better-leg day, high carb, no school just work and studying.

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