Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Leg day is always a happy day!
I busted out every version of squats today & I was only at TWO machines!
Smith Machine & Leg Press!
Wide stance squat
Narrow stance squat
Front squat
Bar above head squat
Calf raises
Leg press wide
Leg press narrow
Calf press
So my guy came up behind me and surprised me while I was doing my front squats (bar in front of you resting on your shoulders, under your chin) and says "don't half ass it, get all the way down!" I almost lost it right there; I was laughing and trying to squat this heavy weight while not concentrating! He did it on purpose just to mess with me but really "ass to grass" when you squat! His remark is hilarious because it is so literal and yet it's said figuratively.
So while he was benching, I came right in front of him and "don't half ass it, get that bar all the way down!"
That's how your gluteus is worked, challenged and shaped. Plus you are calling in more muscles the lower you get and that means more growth!

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