Saturday, September 1, 2012

Baby got BACK?!?

Yes yes indeed I do and it's growing! I love working my back, probably my #2! Also my guy likes when I work my back too ;)
Anyways, today I worked my Back, jumped on the stairmaster & finished with abs. My hands get shredded and killed during back because the weights are so dang heavy but I love my calluses!
Today's exercise choices for back:
Wide grip pull up (use assisted machine if can't do pull ups)
Seated cable rows
Back extensions
Bent over rows (three ways-hands up, down, side)
Close grip lat pull downs
Standing straight arm pull downs (hands facing up & then down)
One arm row on bench
Barbell good mornings
All of these are supersets; I like to always be moving and have an active rest.
On the stairmaster-I walk backwards, sideways, semi-sideways, on my toes, full foot, wide steps, narrow steps, fast, slow, speedy...etc
Abs we're killer:
Obliques with weighted cables
Spider in low plank with weighted cables attached to foot
Med ball twists
Declined reverse crunch with med ball
Negative ab lifts with med ball
Toes to bar
Hanging oblique twists
Hanging ab tucks
Crunches with weights cables
Most of the stuff is not for the fair hearted and is very advanced-if these are not performed with proper firm, you can run the risk of hurting yourself. You have to build up your strength and progress.
You can't progress anywhere if you dot push and try!

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