Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rise and Grind Mr Olympia Time

Up by 6, out by 7, gym by 730. Loved it-totally empty! I really want to be at the gym at like 6 to be alone-once 12s begin, that'll be happening.
I tried a preworkout sample called Friction and man my HR was up there and it made me guzzle water! Drippin though.
On the schedule was back, abs, sprint HIIT. I have messed up my shoulder somehow so I have to take it easy which is hard but tomorrow is rest day so Ill take advantage.
So most of you follow me on Instagram and follow the same pple so I'm super jealous of the ones that got to go to Mr Olympia inVegas! I've decided I'm going next year! I was online watching it and man those physiques are crazy!!! The women and their routines were pretty awesome though. I want to meet the pple I look up to Instagram like Bella Falconi, Jordan, Bradley Martyn, Brandan from Rise Against and tons more. I would really love to meet Dana Linn Bailey just cause she is freakin rad! Also I really want to go to the Arnold Classic next year!
Next year in June or July there is a show/expo in San Jose CA that ill be attending if anyone is interested?!?! It's called the FitExpo or something I think.
Anyone know of any shows in Cali this year?
Also random thought, I'll be Vegas for New Years!!!

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