Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Quads & calfs!
So I switched it up and decided no smith machine today only bar an weight plates. Man did I love it! You work so much harder without havin that support for the smith; I could literally feel more muscles bein used and recruited. The weight has to be lowered because its literally just riding on your shoulders so you have to make sure you can handle it and not fall over. I was working so hard and pushing thy I was drenched in sweat (more than normal :) ) and I quickly busted out 500cals in under and hour but I completed my whole sets in just under an hour & a half.
My legs were jelly and I was walking not normal. When I got out of my car at school, I was like um hello!-sore!
So I won't list my weights because I lift heavy as always and I dont recommend bar&weight plates to beginners.
Wide squats ss jump rope & barbell calf raises
Deadlifts ss barbell clean jerks
front squat barbell deadlifts
Narrow squats ss barbell lunges
PliƩ squats ss barbell calf raises & toes to bar
Leg press (narrow) ss barbell squats
Calf raises on leg press (straight toes)
Leg press (wide) ss barbell narrow squats
Calf raises on leg press (toes out & in)
Wall sits with two 45lb plates 3x until failure

Man I loved today's WOD! So I'm going to stick with the no smith machine for a bit...see how my muscles react.

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