Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Best body!"

Squaterday! Headed straight for bar and weight plates-no smith machine!
Today I wore grey shirts and I was totally rocking the sweat in the crotch area and bum. I was workin hard and my whole body was sweatin in all places.
Squats ss jr
Overhead bar squats ss power cleans
Deadlifts ss clean & jerks
Plie squats ss calf raises & wall med ball throws
Leg press ss single leg db deadlifts
Adductor machine
Leg extension (single and both legs)
When I was getting ready for class in the locker room, a women trainer approached me and said "I've been meaning to talk to you and tell you I watch you all the time and you have the best body! You are the hardest working person at the gym." We went in to talk but I was so happy. Been down lately so that picked me right up. A trainer said that to me! Crazy compliment. Then another lady approached me and said "I see you all the time and man do you just give it your all, you just work incredibly hard and it shows!" She asked me where I learned my whole fitness regimen, workouts, techniques etc and I said myself! I go out and learn and search and watch an read and study etc.
So all in all today was a good day-I walked out with a smile for sure.

Since today is high carb (will post about my carb cycling soon) I packed myself a wrap for lunch. So yummy. Whole wheat tortilla, 3 egg whites, 1/4 avocado, spinach, tomatoes...and WASABI! Yes indeed random but so good. When I go to sushi I always take home extra wasabi because I love it. I add it to almost everything savory. Take advantage of the wasabi at sushi places, I certainly do!

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