Thursday, September 20, 2012

Motivation to the Max!

So indeed from all the crap going on, my motivation has picked up speed, skyrocketed, on a new level, etc. I'm using what life has dealt me into a positive because God has a plan and this was suppose to happen. So of course my rage & anger will be used at the gym and on my muscles. God doesn't close a door without opening another.
So BEAST MODE will be happening even more than normal. My bod is feelin the emotional exhaustion from yesterday and today but a little c4 helps a girl out when you've been working in the hospital all dang day; the gym is the best way to end a day after leaving there.
Today was chest, abs, and stair master:
Barbell bench press ss weighted v-ups
Db flyers ss spiders
Decline db bench press ss box jumps
Push-ups ss clean jerks
Cable chest crossovers ss toes to bar

Man the men around me best watch out I there cause I ain't messin around in there and I mean business. Why do big muscled men stand and talk more than lift? Annoying!